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We offer the some of the best NEMT Fleet Auto Insurance Programs in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia (888) 287-3449.

Get help now and get insured in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA
Get caring and professional help now and get insured in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA

We invite you to learn more about our customized insurance solutions for NEMT fleets, hospital fleets, ambulance fleets, and a wide variety of medical offices. If it is a fleet we can probably insure it.

Through all the last 32 years of growth at our multi-state agency, the one important belief of quality customer service remains. In addition our commitment to unparalleled value by providing growing transportation for hire companies with multiple choices of the highest quality and affordable coverage from the finest insurance companies available. Last but not least is our acclaimed personalized service with amazing speed and attention to detail.

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